Design Your Own Personalised Gifts
Personalised Bags - Design your own!

Personalised bags are becoming a top selection among the throngs of people who are looking for the ideal gift to present for celebrations. Have a look at our selection of customised bags, and you will be sure to find one that will suit your needs. To make things simple for you, you will find our application designed to help design your own bag, be it business bags, photo bags or even personalised jute bags, sports, gym, swimming and PE bags easy to comprehend and go about. We have a wide collection of more 1000 designs for you to select while coming up with printed bags for your special occasion. We even have bulk order discounts if you are looking to order team kit bags for a large group. 

On terms of backpacks, we have designs to suit both young children as well as adults. Custom bags of this type are made out purely of polyester, and branded under Sol’s. Kids love customized bags which are both unique, and exclusive to them.The children’s bags are made to cater for kids of ages three and above. Both bags are limited to one size, and have four colour selections each. The duffel bags under our range comes as a spacious bag with pleasant carry handles, making it the perfect bag printing option for travel. Also made of 100% polyester, you can make your own bag with its three vibrant colour options of purple, emerald green and red. The duffel bag also comes under one size. There are two designs for canvas bags under us, you could choose from either the Earth Positive Tote Bag, which is made out of 100% organic cotton under Continental, or the Practical Tote Bag by L-shop, also made out of pure cotton. Both personalised carrier bags come under one standard size, with the former having a single colour selection of magenta, while the latter has colour selections of black, white, royal blue and red.

You could also choose to design a bag which is either retro bags, shoulder bags, drawstring bags or messenger bags. All of these kinds of bags are fully made out of polyester and come under the brand Bag Base, with the exception of the messenger bag, which is created by Anvil. The trendy designs make these bags the ideal personalised school bags or personalised shopping bags for men, women, school kids and youths alike. The bags come in four colour selections each, with the retro bag and personalised drawstring bags having a mix of two colours in all its four options. To create promotional bags, you could opt to look into our wide selection of more than 7000 designs while coming up with personalised canvas bags for you, or even personalised bags for children. You could also add text onto your bag, with our font size of up to 91, and a funky selection of font designs like stensil, stop, automatic and machine. You could also make a bag and add an image or more to it, just be sure that you have checked on copyright usage before using it to create your own bag. This is vital as you will be liable should there be any copyright issues from the image holder.