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Personalised Dog T Shirts - Make your own

Do you have a cute pooch you would like to walk about in the park and dress up in dog clothes? Then you have definitely come to the right website, where we will be able to give you personalised dog clothes, which also make ideal dog gifts for family pets. Our gifts for dog lovers come in two sizes. The first, which is a large dog t-shirt by American Apparel, is made out of one hundred per cent cotton. It is available in the mixed colour combination of red and black. The small dog t-shirt is also by American Apparel and made out of pure cotton. The dual colour combinations for this design are light pink and fuchsia, as well as white and red. The measurement for the large dog t-shirt is 17.3 inches by 10.8 inches, which is in the extra large size category. The small dog t-shirt, however, has three size options which are small, medium and large.

There are four printing techniques available for you as you design your dog presents. These are flock prints, digital prints, flex prints and special flex prints. Digital prints are the best to go for if you are using multi-coloured images, such as the photo of your adorable pup. Flock prints are essentially plot prints with a velvety finish, which feels like a layer of plush to the touch. Flex prints, on the other hand, are made up of plot prints with a smooth finish. It has a slightly shiny surface and is smooth. Both flex prints and flock prints are very durable, and are able to accept up to three colour selections for each design. The final print technique, which is the special flex print, has a smooth and glistening surface. It can cater for a single colour option for each design.

When it comes to gifts for dogs and even dog birthday presents, you can be rest assured that the features available on our interactive application will give you the tools you need to come up with the ultimate personalised dog gifts. The first on our list of features are the designs which you can choose and apply on personalised dog t-shirts. There are almost 8000 designs available for you to opt for, which include categories like Animals & Nature, Symbols & Shapes, Music as well as Sports. You could also customise the text which appears as you design your own dog t-shirt. The fun fonts we have on our list include names like Futura, Princetown, Aspirin and Halloween. We also provide you with the vicinity to upload your desired picture or image, and are able to accept file sizes which are up to ten megabytes. Do trust that we will be able to deliver all you need, and more as you come up with the ultimate dog t-shirt for a gift, which is bound to be remembered always!

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