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Personalised Hats & Caps - Make your own

Looking to get some personalised hats for a birthday party or a special occasion? You will find our store has the best and most simplified way for you to go about it. With our Flash-inspired design tool, coming up with unique and personalised caps has never been easier. There is a selection of more than a thousand designs to choose from, which allows you to experiment with your creativity. Take for example working towards coming up with designs for novelty hats, we have four different types for you to choose from. Our winter hats are custom hats made with 100% acrylic material, and consists of four colour selections; asphalt, black, red and navy. This particular hat comes in one size, and is comfortable to the wearer. You can also design custom caps using our hat maker and create personalised baseball caps, which we have under three different types. You could design your own cap on the Beechfield 100% cotton baseball cap, or opt for a Flexifit baseball cap, which is made up of 63% polyester and 34% cotton. While the Beechfield baseball cap is fully made out of cotton, it is available in one size, and has three colour selections, namely blue, black and white.

The Flexifit baseball cap, on the other hand, has a wider selection of colours, seven in total. The colours offered include yellow, Kelly green and navy, among others. Parents can opt to give their kids a surprise treat by opting to make a hat for their kids, such as the Kid’s baseball cap. The colour options available for the kid’s cap are red and sun yellow. These promotional hats are fully made out of cotton, and are manufactured by Myrtle Beach Custom Hats UK. Design your own hat by choosing one of the funky designs available on the drop down list on the next tab, which includes characters for themes like music, vehicles, baby and family as well as art and design. You will find that you have an impressive total of more than 7800 selections to use while you make your own hat.

Using the hat designer to select and add custom texts are also easy, there are a lot of fun and interesting fonts to use while you make a hat. These include font selections like aspirin, cutter, freestyle and futura. The plot printing features on the font are divided into three categories, smooth, velvety and special designs. If you want, you could also design a hat with your favourite image on it. Be it a photograph, logo, saying or any other text, it is not an issue. Please however ensure that the image you are imposing on the custom baseball caps or hats is rightfully yours, and otherwise confirm with the owner of the image on your intended usage of the design. This is because upon saving an image on this our server, you are actually confirming that you have obtained specific rights to commercially use the image, and that you are solely responsible for any legal implications which may arise when you create your own hat. So go ahead and create your own hat.