Design Your Own Personalised Gifts
Personalised Laptop Sleeves, Phone and iPad Covers - Make your own!

With the availability of Smart Mobile Phones, iPads, MacBooks and laptops on almost every person, it is not hard to imagine that everyone is striving to highlight their own distinctive personality on his or her laptop or netbook sleeve. That being said, personalised iPad covers, personalised laptop skins, custom MacBook skins and personalised Phone cases are items which come under our forte. You will love the designs you can come up with when using our interactive Flash application to come up with a the perfect cover.

Our custom iPad cases is under the brand Alkr, and is an exclusive padded Velcro case designed for Apple iPads. Fully made out of neoprene, it comes in the colour black, and the measurements are 8.9 inches by width and 10.2 inches by length. For personalised laptop sleeves, our personalised laptop cases cater for laptops and notebooks up to 15 inches in length, and come with a padded case with a zipper attached. Made out of 100% polyester, the said custom laptop sleeve is by Sol’s, and comes in a mixed colour of black and asphalt. Those who are looking for a personalised laptop case designed for smaller notebooks can check out our netbook case, which caters for personalised laptop bags up to 12 inches. The other features of the netbook case are similar to the laptop cases, as it also comes under Sol’s.

Choosing a design for your personalised iPhone covers has never been simpler with the selection of more than one hundred designs on our list of graphics to apply on your personalised iPad cases. Themes on our dropdown list include vehicles, funny, sports and music. You could also enhance your custom laptop case by adding custom text to it. Our unique font selection includes awesome prints like Futura, Old Town, Machine and Kids. The font size can be as small as 15 or as big as 62 when you make your own iPad case.

Our print options are divided into four selections for your personalised iPhone case. Digital printing is ideal if you intend to have high-resolution images on your custom iPad covers, such as photos. Flock prints, on the other hand, consist of a plot print with a velvety finish, which lends a velvety feel to the personalised phone covers. A flex print is a plot print with a smooth finishing, which has a slightly shiny surface and is smooth to the touch. Special flex prints provide your custom MacBook pro case with a smooth and glistening surface. The flex print and flock print can accept up to three colours per design, whereas the special flex print caters to a single colour. All three are, however, extremely durable.

The final feature on our application is for you to add an image as you make your own laptop skin. When you create your own laptop skin with us, you will be happy to know that we accept file sizes up to 10MBs. The pixel size has to be between 50 by 50 pixels to 4000 by 4000 pixels. Do however, ensure that you have obtained the necessary approval to reproduce the image from the owner if it is not yours, as if any legal issues arise, it will be held solely under your account.