Design Your Own Personalised Gifts
Personalised Mugs - Design your own!

Personalised mugs in UK have long been a favourite amongst friends as a gift, and you will definitely not be able to find a better design and at a better deal online than with us, as we have the best of promotional mugs and a variety of designs for you to choose from. With us you can create novelty mugs in the form of personalized coffee mugs, tea cups, beer mugs and travel mugs.

Photo mugs are definitely one of the most favoured choices among our clients, you can choose to have a group picture of your schoolmates or office colleagues, and distribute them as exclusive printed mugs during your school or office event. Our mug designs make the personalised item you choose a novelty mug. Design your own mug from our white mug selection, which is in one standard size. The mugs offered by us are made out of ceramic, and under the brand "Print Equipment". We have also got travel mugs on our list of branded mugs, which comes under the brand Spreadshirt. This handy thermal mug comes with a convenient drinking fastener. Beer mugs, on the other hand, are manufactured by Schulze GmbH, and made out of ceramics. Both these items come in the colour white. When it comes to mug printing, you will be delighted to know that we have a total of 7829 design selections for you to pick from when you create your custom mugs. The design selections we have are divided into categories so as to make it easy for you; choose from themes like music, sports, careers and professions as well as vehicles to your customised mugs look trendy and to suit your favourite theme. 

On the subject of text on customized mugs, we are proud to advertise that you can design a mug with a font size from as tiny as 5, up to a large 87 feature to create name mugs at a cheap price on high quality printed cups. Our application also allows you to choose unconventional but yet funky text designs, such as Beluga, Cooper Black and Data Seventy. The same application also provides you with the flexibility of flipping your text horizontally or vertically while you make your own mug. Adding an image while coming up with your personalised mugs are also made simpler with our Flash application, where you can upload a photo to add to your personalised cups. For example you may wish to upload your logo to create corporate mugs for an event. You would however need to ensure that the file size does not exceed 10MB. The minimum number of pixels allowed is 50 by 50 pixels, whilst the largest is 4000 by 4000 pixels. Do also ensure that you have obtained the necessary endorsements to use the image you have selected for your mug, be it a simple graphic or a logo. Any legal implications which may arise otherwise, should there be any issues, while be fully held under your account upon you confirming on our website as such online.