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Personalised Badges & Custom Badges: Make Your Own Badge

The fad of personalised badges is one that never dies out, and is also a hobby which most of us picked up from the time we were kids. With the use of our services and our latest Flash application, you will find that our badge maker is the best way for you to go about when you make your own badges, be it for personal or business use.

To begin with, you have a selection of three different sizes when you make a badge with us, the small size is in the measurement of one inch, the medium size is in one and a quarter inches, while large is in two and a quarter inches in diameter. All custom badges are by the brand Buttonworldshop, and come in a standard packaging with 5 pieces in each pack. The colour for the promotional badges is white, and the price varies according to the size chosen. The fun part begins when you select a design for badge printing. We have more than seven thousand designs for you to pick from, and they are arranged according to themes. Some of the fashionable themes we have on our list are funny, sports, love and sex, animals and nature, and geek. On the subject of text, you will be delighted to know that we provide you with useful features to bring the best out of your creative side as you design your own badge. Our amazing components include the availability to flip your text horizontally or vertically, and to align the text to the left, right or centre while you make your own badge. Our funky font options are inclusive of Caecilia, Data Seventy and Eurostile, just to name a few. You can also select to make your font appear in bold or italics on your customised badges.

Our print technique is generally divided into four selections. If you would like to make your own badge with digital printing, this would be the best option for multi-coloured images, photos in particular. If you look to make things other than design a badge such as apparel you can use flock print, which is in basics a plot print with a velvety finish, which is extremely durable and can accept up to three colour selections per design. The flex print is a plot print which has a smooth finish; it casts the appearance of a slightly shiny surface and is smooth to the touch. This also comes in a maximum number of three colours per selection as you create a badge. The final option is the special flex print, which has a smooth and glistening surface. It supports only one colour per design on printed badges. Our final assemble to the photo badges is to upload a photo. The image you choose to upload as you make badges and pins should not exceed 10MB in size, and the pixel size should be a minimum of 50 by 50, or a maximum of 4000 by 4000. Do ensure that you have obtained approval from the image owner to reproduce the image if it is not yours; any legal matters which arise, and penalties, are solely borne by you once you select to use an image.