Design Your Own Personalised Gifts

Personalised Keyrings & Printed Lanyards: Make Your Own Keyring

Going to work with a plain coloured lanyard may be something of the norm, but is both dull and monotonous. Spike up your work attire with funky personalised keyrings on your printed lanyards, and look no further for the best of quality and design outlook, which you will find under one roof here. Our lanyards are made out of superior quality by Schulze GmbH, and consist of one hundred percent polyester. Its measurement is 1 inch in width by 20.1 inches in length. The promotional keyrings has a metal snap hook, which has a practical plastic spring clip as well, which provides you convenience in removing your keys efficiently. Our custom lanyards are available in 11 unique colours, such as neon green, beige, dark green and navy.

With regards to the printing application, we have four selections available for you. The first is digital printing, which is specially catered for multi-coloured images such as photographs. The second printing alternative for your personalised key rings is the flock print, which consists of a plot print with a velvety finish. This print for personalised lanyards is able to accept up to 3 different colours per design. Flex printing, on the other hand, is divided into two. The first, which is the standard flex print, provides a shiny surface which is smooth to the touch, and is essentially done with plot printing and a smooth finish. This print is high in durability, and you can also opt for up to three colours for each design. The special flex print, on the other hand, only allows a single colour selection per design, but gives the look and feel of a smooth and glistening surface.

On the topic of designs for your novelty keyrings, you will be astounded by our selection of almost 8000 image designs to select from. The print is duplicated over the lanyard so you only need to add your design or write your text once. A final image of how it looks will be shown to you at the checkout. Do however take note, that as the area for printing is tiny for the custom keyrings, not all designs are able to fit this area. Our keyring maker application makes it easy for you here by removing such designs that are not suitable for your branded lanyards. The design categories on our list include music, funny, vehicles as well as cities and countries. As you design your own keyrings, you might sometimes want to add some text with depth and funkiness. Our fonts available will assist you to do just that, with amazing text options like Zapf Chancery, Kids, Old Town and Stencil. There are also alternatives for you to flip the text horizontally or vertically, as well as centre a design horizontally or add smack in the middle. You could also choose to upload a picture or image to make photo key rings or promotional lanyards, and even add a corporate logo to your printed keyrings as you make your own keyrings for business use with us. The ball of creativity is in your hand as you come up with personalized keyrings to be sent for lanyard printing while using our special Flash application, so why not start today!