Design Your Own Personalised Gifts
Personalised Printed Vests - Design Your Own!

There are times when the occasion calls for the use of printed vests, and yet it is quite difficult to get vest printing done in the manner and level of quality you want. Look no further as we are able to accord you with the best when it comes to helping you design your own vest. 

Be it personalised running vests, personalised baby vests or even personalised tank tops, we have the best under one roof. In terms of vests for men, we have quilted work vests by B&C, made out of polyester. The colour choices are black, navy and dark grey. There are also reflective personalised vests available, which is available in high visibility neon colours of yellow or orange. Its unique features include a Velcro fastener and reflective stripes, and this one size caters to fit all. Do take note however that design printing cannot overlap on the reflective stripes for the reflective custom vests, and the same applies on the buttons and pockets of the standard vests. The standard vests come in sizes from small to double extra large. The reflective work vest by James Nicholson is also suitable for women, as is the standard vest by B&C. When you make your own vest, you can select to pimp up your custom tank tops by using our selection of more than seven thousand graphic designs. The designs are divided into respective themes, which are suited to help you design your own tank top. Selections available for you to pick include unique themes like bestseller, art and design, occasions and sports, just to name a few. Each design used comes at a nominal fee. You can also choose to add custom text on to your custom tanks.

We give you the flexibility to flip your text horizontally or vertically, as well as align them to the left, right or centre. Our font has a number of wonderful options, such as Anzeigen, Atomatic, Bello and Comic Sans. Font size options can be from a small 15 until a gigantic 91. We have four different printing types to help you create your own tank. The first is digital printing, which is the highly recommended for multi-coloured images, such as photos. Flock print, on the other hand, is basically a plot print with a velvety finishing, which feels like a thin layer of plush. When selecting this print type, you may choose up to three colours per design. Flex print is also a plot print, but with a smooth finish. It has a slightly shiny surface and a smooth feel. The special flex print has a smooth as well as glistening surface, but comes in only one colour per design as opposed to the flex print, which allows up to three colour selections. Both are also extremely durable. If you intend to upload a picture as you create a tank, you will be pleased to know that we accept up files up to 10MB in size. The pixel size has to be between 50 by 50 pixels minimum and 4000 by 4000 pixels maximum. Do ensure you get the necessary approval to use an image from the owner if it is not your own, as any legal issues which arise will be held under your responsibility.