Design Your Own Personalised Gifts

Personalised Water Bottles or Custom Water Bottles

Sometimes, looking for the best make and quality for customised water bottles is a difficult task. You will however be able to put such troublesome thoughts at ease with us to help you design your own water bottle, be it team water bottles, custom sports bottles or even promotional bottles for special events of your company or at home. We offer personalised water bottles, which are fast becoming a new fad amongst our clients. Personalised bottles offered by us consist of custom water bottles made out of aluminium, and it makes a practical bottle for use while you are on the go. These personalised bottles come with an additional fastener and also a spring hook. The personalised drink bottles come in a standard size of 600ml, and are 73mm in width, making it simultaneously the ultimate personalised water bottles for kids, and also for adults as personalised sports bottles. These personalised drinks bottles are manufactured by Schulze GmbH, and are available in two colours, silver and white.

You could select from our wide options of up to 7829 designs to make your own customised water bottles exclusive to you and your loved ones, or colleagues. The designs are categorised under sixteen specific themes, and this includes geek, occasions, religion and philosophy, as well as bestsellers. If you also prefer to have text added onto the personalised drinking bottles, it is possible with the option to add custom text. You have twenty different colours to select from for your font colour, as well as the chance to align the said text to the left, centre or right of the printed bottles. Font size runs from a tiny 5 to a gigantic 87, and can be adjusted to be in either bold or italic. Our funky font types include Bello, Freestyle Futura and Jello Baby allowing you to easily create clever novelty bottles..

Our final selection as you design a bottle is to upload a photo in our bottle designer. The said image can be a logo, photograph or saying which you would like to be printed on your personalized water bottles. However do ensure that the image being used is rightfully yours, or that you have obtained the necessary approvals to use it from the owner. This is to avoid any unnecessary implications which may arise, even from a legal point, should there be claims otherwise from the original copyright owner of the image as a result of the bottle printing. When you select to use an image under our website, you are automatically liable for any legal issues or heavy penalties which may come up due to improper use of an image. In terms of the file size to be used when uploading the photo, you will need to ensure that the image does not exceed 10MB, and that the pixel size of the image is at 50 by 50 minimum, or 4000 by 4000 pixels maximum. The price for our promotional bottles is inclusive of the EU VAT, and excludes delivery charges.