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Personalised Pillow Cases - Design your own!

Pillow cases come in various designs and colours these days, but it would be fun to jazz it up and have personalised pillow cases in your closet. You will now be able to do just that, and more, with our interactive Flash application which helps you design your own pillow cases. Our photo pillows come under the brand Bertsch Hotelwasche, and are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The measurement of our custom pillows is 80 centimetres by 80 centimetres, and available in white. The fabric of our novelty pillows is pre-shrunk, and there is an opening on the side of the pillow, without the use of buttons. When it comes to design and artwork as you make your own pillow, we are proud to state that we have almost 8000 designs on our webpage for you to choose from. Spice up your pillow printing with images from our categories which include Funny, Symbols and Shapes, Religion & Philosophy as well as Sports. Choose to either centre your design horizontally, or to place your selected design in the middle of the printed pillows.

On the topic of printing techniques while you design a pillow, we have several alternatives for you. The first would be digital printing, which is essentially the practical choice for multi-coloured images, especially photos and corporate logos. We also have flock prints for you, which are plot prints that have a velvety finish, and are extremely durable on personalised pillows. You can select up to three colours per design. Our flex print is divided into two categories; the standard flex print and the special flex print. The standard flex print, which is also highly durable, is made up of a plot print with a smooth finish, lending it a slightly shiny surface. You can create your own pillow with this selection and choose up to three colours for each design. The special flex print, on the other hand, has a smooth and glistening surface, and allows a single colour selection of the design opted.

You could also customise your custom made pillows with some text along it. Our website has a good selection of fresh, intriguing fonts such as Atomatic, Eurostile, Data Seventy and Cooper Black. These texts can be flipped either horizontally or vertically to suit the effect you are looking for while you make a pillow.Our colour chart also provides you with a nice palette of colours to select from, and you could also choose to have your text in bold or italics. The final feature available for your customised pillow cases is the availability for you to upload a photo. Be it a memorable event which you would like to treasure on your personalized pillow s, or a corporate logo, you will be happy to know that our application accepts file sizes up to ten megabytes in size. Be however, wary of copyright laws, and ensure that you obtain approval from the owner of the image if it is not your own. Nonetheless, we are sure that you will find our features, quality and service phenomenal, and will come back for more!