Design Your Own Personalised Gifts
Personalised Polo Shirts - Design your own!

There have been times when you have wanted to get polo shirt printing done for your company’s events, for yourself or as a gift, and you are tied down when it comes to getting the best deal and quality for printed polo shirts. You need not be worried with that when you use our services, as we aim to give you the best in personalised polo shirts in UK, Europe and International Countries.

We have two options for the polo shirts for men, the first is the men’s polo shirt by Continental Clothing. It is made out of 100% cotton, and comes in six colour selections; white, black, peacock blue, dark red and charcoal. Sizes run from small to extra large for this range. The second option is the men’s classic polo shirt by Fruit of the Loom. These garments, which can also be promotional polo shirts, come with a slightly loose fit, and begins with the size medium, up to double extra large. There is a wider colour range for this particular brand. The colours available are white, red, sky blue, sun yellow, black, navy, khaki and orange. 

In terms of text customisation, you will find that as you design you own polo shirt, you can play with the font colours. Choose either plot printing or digital printing, or even use both as you experiment with your customised polo shirts. The font itself is available from smaller sizes beginning with 5, right up to the biggest in 87. Pick to have your font in bold or italic if need be, and choose from the creative choices of font types, such as Princetown, Simran, Stencil and Stop, which are bound to bring out the best in your branded polo shirts. We would like to highlight first and foremost that while our polo t shirt printing technology allows us to print on the better part of the garments, we will not be able to print on the buttons of the shirt. Hence do ensure that the design you make does not overlap on this portion of the custom polo shirts.

If you require logo polo shirts, that can also be arranged by using the Upload Photo option as you create your customised shirt. There are a few essentials to take note of; firstly, you will need to ensure that the file size of your photo, graphic or logo, among others, does not exceed 10MB. The pixel of the image also needs to be at a minimum of 50 by 50 pixels, and an ultimate size of 4000 by 4000 pixels. Another point to note is that you will be solely liable for any wrongful usage of images on the personalised polo shirt you request from us. Hence please ensure that the image you are using is rightfully yours, or that you have obtained the necessary approval from the owner to reproduce and use the image. Any legal implications or heavy penalty incurred will be borne by yourself should such an instance arise, and this is indicated to you on our application prior to you picking and using an image to create corporate polo shirts, or other varieties.