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Personalised Scarves - Make your own

If you look around, you will find that there are not many outlets around at your area, or even online, which offer you printed scarves. Have a look at our website and you will definitely like the fact that we will not only provide just that, but also at affordable prices, which also has the printing charges built into the pricing. Our custom scarves are divided into three categories, the bandana, the standard scarf design, and the American Apparel light scarf. The triangular bandana is versatile as it can be used both by men and women to complement their outfit, and is made up of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. The brand which the bandana comes under is L-Shop, and there are three colour options for these personalised scarves; red, black and white. The bandanas come in a single size, with a length of 31.9 centimetres.

The standard scarf design, on the other hand, is a comfortable personalised scarf by Jazz, and purely made out of polyester. It comes in two colours, red and black. Made to resemble tightly knitted fleece, it is the ideal scarf for use during cold weather and is also unisex in design. This printed scarf comes with a measurement of 63 centimetres of length and 9.4 centimetres of width. Our final selection is the American Apparel light scarf, which will make the best option for corporate scarves for business use. Design your own scarf with this scarf made from light fabric, and is also 100% cotton. The colour selections include lapis, white and asphalt. The custom scarf comes at a measurement of 82 centimetres by length and 12.5 centimetres by width, which is slightly longer than that of the standard scarf design. Using our scarf designer has never been simpler with our interactive application, which allows you to select from our variety of more than 7000 designs for your scarf printing. The designs are separated according to its themes, such as animals and nature, music, baby and family as well as cities and countries. Each design comes at a small nominal fee. 

Make a scarf using our scarves designer which is lets you easily add custom text and images. Our colour selections are divided into plot printing and digital printing. Digital printing is generally recommended for prints which include multi-coloured images, whilst the flock print, which is basically a plot print with a velvet finish, is catered for those looking for a velvety feel to their promotional scarves. This option allows up to three colour selections per design. Flex print on the other hand is divided into the special flex print, which creates a smooth and glistening surface appearance on your scarf printing, and the standard flex print, which consists of a plot print with a smooth finish. The former selection allows a single colour per design made, whilst the latter is able to accept a wider selection of three colours per design. You can also choose to upload a photo while you make your own scarf, and add it to your novelty scarves. Do however that when you design a scarf, the image used is rightfully yours, or that you have obtained the necessary approval from the copyright owner to reproduce the image. This is to avoid any unwanted circumstances such as a legal implication or a hefty penalty fee especially when creating custom made branded scarves.