Design Your Own Personalised Gifts

Have you always been seeking to get the ultimate level of quality when you design your own football kit? We can make that happen for you with our exceptional football shirt printing services, which accommodate for personalised football shirts.

The football kit designer application is the ultimate in easiness and fluidity, where you will be able to choose options for design, font and even upload images as you make your own football kit. You can create your own football kit with our selection of football jerseys and football shorts under Miles, which also comes as a football jersey set. For football team shirts, our jerseys are made out of 100% polyester, and available in sizes small and extra large. The colours available are in mixed selections of blue and white, red and white as well as pure black. If you choose to design a football kit with our football shorts, there is a selection of two colour mixes, blue and white as well as red and white. These are available in both large and extra large sizes and are also made out of polyester. Our final selection for you when you create a football kit is the football jersey set, which comprises of a jersey made out of 100% polyester, and shorts which is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. There is a wider selection of colours under this item, with its colours being mixes of red and white, blue and white, green and white and finally black on black. When it comes to design selections for your football shirt maker, we have large selection of designs for you to choose from, with over 7000 designs on our webpage. The designs are categorised into respective classifications, such as bestseller, music, occasions, animal and nature.

One could also choose to add custom text to his or her football team kit. On our list, you will find a number of wacky font options to jazz up your jersey as you make a football kit, with items such as Halloween, Freestyle, Stencil and Princetown. You could also opt to horizontally or vertically flip your text, and to have it in bold or italics. With regards to print technique, you will be amazed at our four selections. The first, flock print, is essentially a plot print with a velvety finish, and caters for up to 3 colour selections per design. Next comes digital printing, which is highly recommended for images which are multi-coloured, such as photos. There are two types of flex prints offered by us. The first of the two is the regular flex print which is a plot print with a smooth finish, and accepts up to 3 colour selections for every design. The special flex print, on the other hand, has a glistening smooth surface, and is available in a single colour selection per design. The final available method for you to design your own football kit is via the upload photo column. This item on our interactive application allows you to design football kit by uploading your desired photo or image and imposing it on the jersey or shorts. We accept files up to ten megabytes in size, and the minimum pixel size is 50 by 50 pixels, while the biggest is 4000 by 4000.