Design Your Own Personalised Gifts
Personalised Teddy Bears - Make your own!

Are you on the lookout for the best cuddly gift to give your girlfriend, or a bunch of children at a party? You will find that our personalised teddy bears make the ideal present for such an occasion. You can design a bear with our button eyed teddy bear which has an adorable printable t-shirt on its body, which can be ordered in the colours red, black, white or royal blue. The measurement of these personalised bears will be of one standard size, 7.7 inches by 8.3 inches. Branded under Toys Tower, the custom made soft toys are made out of 100% polyester. When you make a bear with us as a gift or promotional teddy bears, it will please you to know that we have a huge amount of designs for you to choose from. Our selection, which consists of more than a hundred designs, are divided into its respective categories, such as vehicles, geek, music, and sports. Almost each design comes with a simple description, the brand of the design, as well as the pricing, which is a nominal fee to apply the design onto your personalised teddy bear. 

On the subject of text, you will definitely have fun coming up with personalised teddies as you browse through our Add Custom Text segment from our application. The font size comes from a miniature 5 to a gigantic 87, and you can also opt to have your text in bold or italics. Our crazy yet creative fonts include Bello, Beluga, Cutter and Princetown, just to name a few. You can opt to have digital printing as you create a bear, which is highly recommended for multi-coloured images. There is also the flock print, which is essentially a plot print with a velvety finish, providing you with a velvety feel akin to a thin plush layer. These come in a maximum of three colours per design. The flex print on the other hand is a plot print with a smooth finishing, providing a slightly shiny surface and a smooth feel when touched. It also accommodates up to three colours per design. The final selection is the special flex print, which accords a smooth and glistening surface, and a single colour for each design. Whether you are making personalised teddy bears for babies, or you intend to make your own bear to keep, adding a custom text is definitely lends a feel of exclusivity.

The final selection which you can do while you make your own teddy bear is to upload photos and create a photo teddy. You can upload logos, pictures, graphics, the list is endless. However, do ensure that you are the rightful owner of the picture you intend to use as you make a teddy bear, or that you have obtained the necessary endorsement from its rightful owner. This is to avoid any unwanted legal implications should this not be in order, which will also be fully accountable by you. By confirming and uploading a picture on our website, you are also confirming that you are fully aware and responsible for the personalized image being used. Such a message will appear when you use our Upload Photo section.