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Personalised Ties & Custom Ties: Make Your Own Tie

Ties are part and parcel of a man’s attire when it comes to work, and each individual out there strives to put his distinctive look out as he ventures into the corporate world. We can help you bridge the gap of personal style with our novelty ties, which is easy to create using our interactive tie designer flash application. Our custom ties are by the brand Krawatten Winkelhofer. These personalised ties are elegant, and made out of one hundred per cent polyester. They are also available in two colour options, black and bordeaux. The measurement of our standard tie is 24.4 inches in length by 3.5 inches in width.

We have four selections of printing techniques for you to choose from as you design your own tie with us. The first printing technique, digital print, is the best option for multi-coloured images, which includes photographs. Flock prints, on the other hand, is in essence plot printing which has a velvety finish, and feels similar to a thin layer of plush. It is extremely durable, and accepts up to three colour selections for each design chosen. Flex prints are divided into two categories, which are flex prints and special flex prints. Design a tie with the standard flex print, which consists of plot printing with a smooth finish. This print allows you to select up to three colours per print design as well. The special flex print, which is the final option for you as you create corporate ties or custom made ties makes use of plot print with a velvety finish instead. This provides your customised ties with a smooth and glistening surface. You can select a single colour for each design you choose.

If you are running out of design ideas to add to the business ties of your choice, you could view our designs available, which include interesting categories like Funny, Cities and Countries, Symbols & Shapes as well as Geek. There are more than 1200 designs to choose from, which fit the column of the printed ties. You could also have the designs placed in the centre horizontally, or place the design in the middle of your custom ties UK. When you make your own tie with us, you can add custom text to create the desired effect you are looking for. We have a fantastic selection of artistic fonts in our application, which include Atomatic, Futura, Data Seventy and Jellybaby. You could use this to create your own tie and also opt to flip the customised text horizontally or vertically. Be it custom bow ties, team ties, or logo ties, you could also make it fun by adding photos and images. Our interactive application accepts files up to ten megabytes in size, as well as pixel sizes from 50 by 50 pixels up to 4000 by 4000 pixels. When you make a tie, trust all our features to bring the best out of the personalised branded ties you create!