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Personalised Underwear - Design Your Own Underwear Online!

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Personalised Boxers for Men

Design your own boxers using our easy-to-use underwear maker. Our men's personalised boxer shorts come in two different colours of white and black, each in four different sizes. Design briefs by adding your own writing or design to the front or back. We have 1000s of designs and lots of fonts to choose from, making it fun to make your own personalised underwear.

Personalised Knickers and Thongs for Women

Our women's custom underwear come in two styles, personalised knickers and thongs. The women's hip hugger underwear is a soft and comfortable low rise personalised pants. Our custom thongs are also made from the same comfortable material and have just enough space to fit some text or design. .

Tank tops and camisole tops

Apart from our personalised boxers and pants, we also have sleeveless tops for men and women. So you can also create your own underwear tops. You can browse through all of our products in our designer tool and customise over 150 different products!

You can design your own pants and customised underwear by selecting one of the pictures below. You will then be taken straight to our underwear designer to make your own underwear: